The network established by MedCLIVAR has held conferences, thematic workshops, summer schools. In addition, the program has awarded 33 exchange grants and funded 8 senior scientists to visit different universities and research centers for short periods, sponsored or cosponsored scientific meetings, and every year since 2003 organized sessions during the European Geosciences Union general assembly.

La Londe les Maures , Toulon, FRANCE
8-10 October 2007

Session 1. Reconstuction of past climate teleconnections
  • M. Kuettel: An improved North Atlantic, European and Mediterranean Sea level pressure reconstruction 1750-1850 ppt: download
  • E. Xoplaki: Winter Mediterranean temperature and precipitation back to 1750: the large-scale sea level pressure and ENSO influences
  • V. Altava: Monthly rainfall behaviour in central and western Mediterranean basin, from 1850 to 2004
  • P. Yiou: Climate proxies from French historic archives (the OPHELIE ANR project)
  • Y. al-Fenadi: Temperature variability and trends in North Libya from 1961 to 1990 ppt: download
Session 2. Teleconnections with mid-latitude systems
  • R. Trigo: Weather driven natural hazards in western Mediterranean; the role of storm tracks, blocking episodes and NAO ppt: download
  • J. C. Gonzalez-Hidalgo : Spatial overlapping areas of several teleconnection indices on Spain's Mediterranean facade according to Spring rainfall ppt: download
  • A. Douguedroit: Teleconnections between significant decreasing precipitation and Atlantico-European circulation in the Mediterranean (1951-2000)
  • T. Salameh: Statistical Downscaling of Near-Surface Wind over Complex Terrain in Southern France ppt: download
  • U. Ulbrich: Relation of variability patterns and mediterranean cyclones
  • P. Alpert : Teleconnection and the horizontal scale?
  • J. Jacobeit : Links of the Mediterranean oscillation to mid-latitude and tropical climate dynamics ppt: download
  • E. Black : The relationship between Atlantic and European circulation patterns and Middle East rainfall
  • F. d'Andrea: Hot European Summers: the propagation of Mediterranean drought ppt: download
  • M. Gaetani: Jet stream and seasonal anomalies in the Mediterranean ppt: download
  • B. Ayarzaguena: Impact of interannual variability of stratospheric final warmings on the anomalous spring rainfall regime in the Mediterranean region pdf: download
Session 3. Teleconnections to tropical systems
  • P. Drobinski: Presentation and discussion on the HyMeX Project (Mediterranean Hydrological cycle experiment)
  • I. Blade : The dependence of the structure of the NAM (Northern Annular Mode) on the polarity of ENSO: impact in the Mediterranean sector.
  • H. Saaroni: The circulations and mechanismes governing the Summer temperature variations in the Eastern Mediterranean ppt: download
  • B. Ziv: Regional and global scale patterns associated with rainfall anomalies in Israel ppt: download
  • J. Pinto: The role of ex-hurricanes on extreme precipitation events over the Western Mediterranean: an update based on ERA40 data pdf: download
Session 4. Teleconnections and the Mediterranean circulation
  • M. Tsimplis : Teleconnections (?) of Mediterranen sea level
  • C. Langlais: Interannual variability of the exchanges between the shelf and the open sea in the Gulf of Lions
  • M. Herrmann: Impact of atmospheric forcing and ocean model resolutions on open-ocean convection: case study of winter 1986-87
  • A. Harzallah : A nested ocean model for the Sicily strait with zooming on Tunisia coastal areas pps: download
  • S. Josey: Relationship between Mediterranean Sea air-sea exchanges and large scale patterns of atmospheric variability
  • V. Artale: Analysis of The Mediterranean Overflow in Climate Models. The role of the overflow account in the thermohaline circulation and in particular in the Mediterranean Sea
  • A. Voelker: Mediterranean outflow strengthening during northern hemisphere coolings: a salt source for the glacial Atlantic? pdf: download
Session 5. Teleconnections in modelling
  • H. Paeth: Regional dynamical downscaling of Mediterranean climate - climate change perspectives ppt: download
  • L. Li: Scale interaction in a regional Mediterranean climate simulation pdf: download
  • S. Krichak: Assessing mechanisms of future climate trends over the E. Mediterranean region based on results of multiple RCM simulations pdf: download
  • S. Calmanti: A Regional System for climate change assessment in the Mediterranean region: preliminary results pdf: download
Session 6. Impacts of Climate Change
  • M. Ahmed: Climate change effects on coastal resources and marine environment of Egypt
  • N. Donia: Effect of climate change on water resources in Egypt
  • Posters
  • A. Ramos: Synoptic patterns leading to extreme temperatures over Portugal
  • D. Barriopedro: Climate impacts over the Mediterranean basin associated with blocking occurrence
  • T. Harpaz: Atmospheric conditions in the eastern Mediterranean during extreme summer events - preliminary results
  • M.C. Llasat: Trends and anomalies of the regional precipitation in Spain along the 20th century
  • M.B. Galati: Influence of teleconnection patterns on the Mediterranean marine wave height distribution pdf: download
  • J. Garcia-Serrano: Summer-Fall tropical precipitation related to Mediterranean SST anomalies pdf: download
  • E. Sanchez-Gomez: Weather regimes and local climate on the Mediterranean basin
  • M. Kageyama: Mediterranean climate changes in glacial times and their links with global change: a model study
  • V. Guemas: Circulation regimes and sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic
  • A. Ullmann: Atmospheric conditions associated with sea surges in the Gulf of Lions: contemporary and future variability pdf: download
  • S. Queralt: Atlantic influence on western mediterranean mesoscale convective systems

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