The network established by MedCLIVAR has held conferences, thematic workshops, summer schools. In addition, the program has awarded 33 exchange grants and funded 8 senior scientists to visit different universities and research centers for short periods, sponsored or cosponsored scientific meetings, and every year since 2003 organized sessions during the European Geosciences Union general assembly.

WCRP Open Science Conference (WEB)
Denver, CO, USA, 24-28 October 2011


  • Session C4: "Meeting the Needs for Integrated Climate Science, Information and Capacity
  • Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in Europe"
  • Conveners: V. Pope, C. Goodess, M. Beniston, P. Lionello


Cluster of posters:

Author: Piero Lionello, Annalisa Tanzarella
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
A project for coordinating and promoting the study of Mediterranean Climate”

Authors: M.Reale, K.Nissen, P.Lionello, U.Ulbrich
"MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Cyclone climatology in the Mediterranean region: comparison of two existing algorithms for cyclone tracking"

Authors: L.Congedi, M. Collins , D.Hemming, P.Lionello
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Flood risk maps: on the link between the precipitation data and the flood events in the Mediterranean region.”

Authors: Chronis, Themis, Raitsos E., Dionysios, Kassis Dimitris and Sarantopoulos Athanassios
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
The summer North Atlantic Oscillation influence on the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Authors: D.Gomis, M. Tsimplis, M. Marcos, L. Fenoglio-Marc, B. Pérez, F. Raicich, I. Vilibic , G. Wöppelmann, S. Monserrat and G. Jordà
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Sea Level Rise and its Forcing in the Mediterranean Sea”

Authors: M.C. Alvarez-Castro, D. Gallego, P. Ribera
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Meteorological Database Over The Mediterranean Sea Through Old Royal Navy Logbooks.”

Authors: T. Losada, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, F. Kucharski
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Tropical Influence on the Summer Mediterranean Climate”

Author: Katrin Schroeder
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Thermohaline variability in the western Mediterranean Sea”

Authors: Gouveia C., Trigo R.M., Beguería S., Vicente-Serrano S.
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Drought Impacts on Vegetation Dynamics in the Mediterranean Region”

Author: M.C. Llasat
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Plinius 11 Conference on Mediterranean Storms”

Author: Leopoldo Carro-Calvo
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Mediterranean winter precipitation fields reconstruction back to AD 1700 using Neural networks”

Authors: A. Toreti, E. Xoplaki, I. Smith, P. Naveau, and J. Luterbacher
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Extreme precipitation in the Mediterranean: statistical characterization and associated large-scale atmospheric circulation”

Authors: E. Garcìa-Bustamante, J.F. Gonzalez-Rouco, J. Navarro, E. Xoplaki, P.A. Jimenez, J.P. Montavez
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Relationship between North Atlantic atmospheric circulation and surface wind and wind power in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula: uncertainty and long term downscaled variability”

Authors: F.G. Kuglitsch, A. Toreti, E. Xoplaki, P.M. Della-Marta, C.S. Zerefos, M. Türkes, and J. Luterbacher
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Temperature Data Homogenization and its Impact on Heatwave Changes in the Eastern Mediterranean”