The network established by MedCLIVAR has held conferences, thematic workshops, summer schools. In addition, the program has awarded 33 exchange grants and funded 8 senior scientists to visit different universities and research centers for short periods, sponsored or cosponsored scientific meetings, and every year since 2003 organized sessions during the European Geosciences Union general assembly.

12 th Plinus Conference on Mediterranean Storms (WEB)
Corfù Island, GREECE, 1-4 September 2010

MedCLIVAR side event on "Precipitation over the Mediterranean region: identification and recovery of long time series"

Friday, 3 September 2010 (15:30 - 18:30)

  • P.Lionello, A. Tanzarella: "Introduction to the meeting"
  • P. Alpert, A. Yatagai: "A new daily data-base over the E. Mediterranean and the Middle-East"
  • M. C. Llasat: "Validation and application of two different precipitation databases in Mediterranean Spain"
  • A. Toreti: "Precipitation time series in the Mediterranean region: quality and availability"
  • JC González-Hidalgo, M. Brunetti, M. De Luis: "A high resolution of monthly precipitation database of Spain: MOPREDAS"
  • C. Zerefos: "Long term changes of precipitation in Greece"
  • Yves Tramblay, Gil Mahé: "Spatio-temporal stability of the variability signal in long term rainfall times series homogenized by the regional vector method, in Morocco (monthly and annual rainfall)"
Plinius 2010