The network established by MedCLIVAR has held conferences, meetings, thematic workshops, summer schools. In addition, the program has awarded 33 exchange grants and funded 8 senior scientists to visit different universities and research centers for short periods, sponsored or cosponsored scientific meetings, and every year since 2003 organized sessions during the European Geosciences Union general assembly.

leaflet s MedCLIVAR 2018, 17-21 September 2018, Belgrade, Serbia
“Bridging the Mediterranean Climates”

Young Scientist Awards

pnabat s
Pierre Nabat
MedCLIVAR 2016

MedCLIVAR 2016, 26-30 September 2016, Athens, Greece
“Learning from the past, perceiving the present, engaging for the future”

Young Scientist Awards

eregattieri s   amramoss
Eleonora Regattieri   Alexandre Miguel Ramos
MedCLIVAR 2014

MedCLIVAR 2014, 23-25 June 2014, Ankara, Turkey
“Understanding Climate Evolution and Effects on Environment and Societies in the Old World region”

Young Scientist Awards

adrumond s   mturco s   mzampieri s
Anita Drumond   Marco Turco   Matteo Zampieri
MedCLIVAR 2012

MedCLIVAR 2012, 26-29 September 2012, Madrid, Spain
“The climate of the Mediterranean region: understanding its evolution and effects on environment and societies”

 Young Scientist Awards

  gjorda s   dbarriopedro s
Gabriel Jordà   David Barriopedro
MedCLIVAR 2011

MedCLIVAR 2011, 6-9 June 2011, Lecce, Italy
“Mediterranean Climate: From past to future”

Young Scientist Awards

mmarcos s   kschroeder s   ssomot s   atoreti s
Marta Marcos   Katrin Schroeder   Samuel Somot   Andrea Toreti