The network established by MedCLIVAR has held conferences, meetings, thematic workshops, summer schools. In addition, the program has awarded 33 exchange grants and funded 8 senior scientists to visit different universities and research centers for short periods, sponsored or cosponsored scientific meetings, and every year since 2003 organized sessions during the European Geosciences Union general assembly.

  • 6th ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Scientific achievements 2005-2011 and future research priorities
    Tel Aviv ISREAL, 19-20 September 2011

  • 5th ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Scenarios of Mediterranean Climate Change under Increased Radiative Active Gas Concentration and the Role of Aerosols
    Miramare, Trieste, ITALY, 23-25 September 2010

  • 4th ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Feedbacks of the Mediterranean Dynamics in the Global Climate System
    28-30 September, 2009 - Sesimbra, PORTUGAL

  • 3th ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Understanding the mechanisms responsible for the Mediterranean Sea circulation and for sea level trends Rhodes
    "The MedCLIVAR workshop and 1st summer school" contribution to Exchanges, n.48, pg 10
    GREECE, 29 September - 1 October 2008

  • 2nd ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Connections between Mediterranean and global climate variability
    La Londe les Maures, Toulon, FRANCE, 8-10 October 2007

  • 1st ESF MedCLIVAR workshop
    Reconstruction of past Mediterranean climate: Unexplored Sources of High Resolution Data in Historic Time
    Carmona SPAIN, 9-11 November 2006